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Taking Time for Tea

You'll discover the perfect tea for every occasion. From a quiet fall morning at home over a cup of Irish Breakfast tea to toasting the soon-to-be-newlyweds with a cup of Darjeeling at a summer engagement party. Find nspiring suggestions for how to set the scene, including a menu, decorations, and even a fitting blessing, meditation, or activity.

Curl up with a cup of tea and let the evocative text and stunning art on each page of Taking Time for Tea transport you to a place of peace, enjoyment, and celebration.



As the venerable fifth-generation sage Soshitsu Sen XV writes so elegantly, tea is a metaphor for peace. Drinking tea alone is a form of meditation, a way of releasing the cares of the day, allowing a sense of accomplishments and satisfactions to embrace us.


Drinking tea is also a form of community, with one person or many, in which common interests or goals are exchanged and the foundation of friendship is strengthened. Serving tea to strangers, to new business associates, to government officials is a way to soften, to appease to make calm, so that all can meet, work, and rule in some comfort and style.


Taking the time to prepare tea for others in an important bridge of communication, and carefully preparing tea for ourselves is a vital link to our deepest core.


This, then, is what tea means to me: the embrace of friendship, quiet contemplation, and the sustenance that can bring inner serenity and peace. Come, dear reader, and share this wonderful world of tea with me.